Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Almost There

I leave in 2 days. I'm getting really excited! I have to finish packing, cleaning and saying my goodbyes. Unfortunately I did not go back to WAC to say goodbye, but it has been very stressful trying to prepare everything in order for me to leave and the two and a half hour trip just wasn't going to work well for me. I still haven't been able to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm leaving in 2 days. It seems like I've been thinking about this trip and wishing for the day to come and now it's almost here. I can't figure out how it's possible. Today we got an email with our addresses and our room assignments. I'm living in the John Kotze House which is conveniently located across from the library and the psych department. It's on the main campus road. My address there is:
Karen Hye
John Kotze House
Private Bag 1032
South Africa

I look forward to receiving mail! I also got a mic so that I can finally make use of my webcam (and possibly YouTube?). I'm looking into getting Skype, as well. I have to figure out the logistics of that, but I think then I could make cheap phone calls home through my computer.

I'll be updating as soon as I arrive and taking plenty of pictures along the way - my pictures will be able to be seen at: - those will be updated with all of my pictures from along the way.

Here we go...